Designing An Effective-Efficient IT Role On Government For Indonesia (Part 1)


Indonesia has done Presidential Election , And Jokowi-JK are the winner.

As an IT Pro , i just glad, that this technology-based couple who win , because they always describe boldly on their election speech.

But , the dreams are always need a hard work to make it real, so with this new spirits, we should start to describe and planning how IT Role on Indonesian Government will be on next 5 years.

Here is the Plan ( my plan exactly ūüėČ )

1.  Defining an IT Role, let say a council division , straight under the higher person, President Of Indonesia . This structure can be a similar form with IT Role on corporate business, combine with a huge portion of Development and Research Department.

2.  Planning And Describe All Policy about role, connectivity, relation, design, between the centre of datas and policy ( Capital Policy / Capital DC / Capital IT ) with all Provinces in Indonesia top down, and bottom-up from villages, city, Provinces and so on. Make a specials department to this tasks, they must working continues to make best practices and best quality Indoensian-base-Role design .

3.  Create Infrastructures Team, contains Electrical, City-Design, Networking, DC-DRC-Server team, who will defining a standard for infrastructures , connection methods, cabling methods, DC / DRC and Server Policy, and setting up Role-Design for physical-access Policy.

4.  Creates Business Analyst team, a department  who defining the needs on every business, every services on villages, city and defining Country goals. They defining rules, process and indicator , defining and creates timeline on every services. There will be one section BP analyst on every department on this government to defining needs from scratch to a multi-information integrated readable dashboard . This is a special team for developing a eGov-blueprint .

5.  And , Department of System Architect or System Development . This team responsible to all development and designing of Software, Portal and Mobile system. They can development by them self, or using third-party vendor .

6.   Creates A Department of Vendor Management. Will be exist only on Capital IT. They will creates policy of how system will interacting with other vendor, vendor it self can provide infrastructures, or services, from a single company to a multi-company project, or inter-national project relation. All project from provinces and city will follow the regulation online from this services, so all will be transparent , and we hope to press the corruption to lowest level.

7.  Creates, a very important department of Research and Development . Will be actively learn , dig, defining, testing, re-inventing all the knowledges, and methods, on Capital IT Centre , and they will be recruiting too .

8. ¬†And the last but maybe the most important ones, Department Of CERT. For receiving incident report, process and collecting, research and defining security on whole system. This may contains a bunch of amazing sysadmin hehehe …

Thats a first step .. next step , we will talk about services ..


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