The Not Too Smartphone and not too smart consumers

The problem With Android (not too) smartphone Is they have to Many segment to maintain, that’s will cause focus problem . The focus problem Will create a non-best package . That’s will cause a problem for users on every segments.
That’s the problems for android devices of all manufactures. Why ? Because they just wanted to be a market leader ASAP , and sacrificing the qualities.
They all forget that’s the qualities is the main ingredient of being market leader.
For me because android is a free mobile OS , users just have paid for the hardwares. So a Chinese android smartphones maybe will cost us just around Rp.500.000 And the Galaxy Family around Rp.1-2 million .
Cause for now, when you have Samsung S4 Running Jelly Bean that’s will equal on OS comparison with Mito running the same version , with a huge cost different .
That’s ridiculous !


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